After submitting an application for international protection, will I have a place of residence?

Update: 23.06.2023

Yes, once you have applied for international protection, you can live in one of more than a dozen centers for foreigners applying for international protection. It is possible that the Polish government will also organize other forms of accommodation for those fleeing Ukraine.

It should be pointed out that those seeking international protection in Poland are provided with social assistance and medical care. Social assistance is provided in the form of accommodation in a center for foreigners; this is a mandatory provision, i.e. the Head of the Office for Foreigners must provide this form of assistance (within this form of assistance food is also provided, along with monetary assistance for the purchase of clothing, etc.), or through assistance provided in the form of a monetary benefit to cover the costs of stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland ( the beneficiary received funds for which he is obliged to provide accommodation, food, etc.).