As a tenant of an apartment, am I eligible to receive the PLN 40 benefit for sheltering a Ukrainian woman with a child (I am not the owner od the apartament and we are not a family)?

According to Article 13 (1) of the Act of March 12, 2022 on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of the country, any entity, in particular any natural person who runs a household, may be granted the cash benefit for providing accommodation and food to Ukrainian Citizen.

The condition for granting the benefit is to provide accommodation and food to citizens of Ukraine who have arrived in Poland since February 24, 2022. 

Thus, the Act does not specify what right to accommodation a person providing accommodation and food to citizens of Ukraine should have. 

However, in the case of rental of residential premises, when the person providing accommodation is the tenant of the premises, attention should be paid to the contract between that person and the landlord conerning the rules of rendering the premises available to third parties. Tenancy contracts frequently contain regulations in this respect – for example, the consent of the owner of the premises may be required for third parties to reside in the premises. In case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of tenancy, the tenant may face negative consequences on this account, including termination of the tenancy contract.

Applicants for monetary benefits for providing accommodation and food to citizens of Ukraine should also bear on mond that the application requires that the applicant declares that (s)he has not received additional remuneration for providing accommodation to citizens of Ukraine, including rent. It should also be remembered that the municipality granting the cash benefit may grant and transfer the benefit only upon prior verification of the conditions of accommodation and meals.