Can a car registered in Ukraine be sold in Poland?

Yes, you can sell a car registered in Ukraine, but you should keep several important points in mind. Firstly, Ukrainian regulations do not stipulate that cars up to 3.5 tons must undergo a technical inspection. This means that a buyer of a car in Poland will be able to register it after purchase only if the car passes a technical inspection according to Polish motor vehicle standards.  

Additionally, it should be mentioned that persons coming to Poland for a period shorter than 6 months, i.e. during a temporary stay in an EU country, do not have to register a car in Poland. 

However, if you stay in a European Union country (including Poland), for a period longer than 6 months, and you have been granted permanent residence 6 months prior or earlier, then car registration is not only possible but mandatory in Poland. The car must be registered within 6 months from the date of its arrival in the territory of Poland or from the time of departure from the country of residence. To register a car from Ukraine in Poland, a number of documents must be presented:  

*certificate of conformity – a national or European document issued by the car manufacturer that produced the car, confirming that the vehicle meets technical parameters, as well as safety and environmental requirements; 

  • third party liability insurance – proof of having concluded a third party liability insurance contract; 
  • proof of payment of VAT – the rules for paying VAT differ depending on whether the vehicle is new or used; 
  • proof of vehicle roadworthiness – proof of passing a technical inspection allowing the vehicle to be used on the road; 
  • proof of ownership of the vehicle; 
  • registration certificate from the country of origin; 
  • number plates; 
  • vehicle registration card (if issued). 

In most cases, a foreigner’s vehicle documents are issued in a foreign language. Therefore, when enclosing them to the application for the registration of a vehicle by a Polish authority, it is required to submit their sworn translations.