Can a child of a Ukrainian citizen who does not have Ukrainian citizenship receive the PESEL UKR?

The Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens indicates the list of entities to which the law applies. This means that PESEL UKR can only be obtained by citizens of Ukraine and spouses who are not Polish citizens and other EU countries. The catalogue of entities does not indicate a child of a Ukrainian citizen who does not have such citizenship. Therefore, it is not possible to register such a child with UKR status.

It is worth noting that having a PESEL number is not obligatory. Pesel can be obtained after obtaining registration or on the basis of an order resulting from a specific law. The PESEL number itself, unless it is marked with the annotation UKR, does not entitle you to free health insurance and thus free use of health services. According to the data provided by the Minister of Health, Poland does not have a signed agreement with Ukraine regarding cooperation in health care. This means that the child should have private insurance or use health services for a fee. Admission by a doctor without a PESEL number will not be problematic, another issue is to issue a prescription for the child. However, according to the announcement of the Supreme Medical Chamber, such persons should receive a paper prescription with a line number, which will be scanned in the pharmacy and will allow the pharmacy employee to access it electronically. Such a prescription will be payable.

It is worth remembering that although the Special Act does not take into account the children of Ukrainian citizens, they can be granted temporary protection: