Can a person with temporary protection in Poland and permanent residence in Ukraine go to Ukraine and return to Poland?

Yes. Entry to Poland will be possible on the basis of the UdsC certificate on temporary protection and a valid travel document.

    In the absence of a travel document, a foreigner may apply to the commanding officer of the border guard post for a special consent to enter Poland in order to benefit from temporary protection, but it cannot be determined whether such consent will be granted. The foreigner already has temporary protection in Poland, which he has received due to the fact that he is not able to return to the country or region of origin in safe conditions. As he has permanent residence in Ukraine, we can consider that this country is Ukraine for him. Therefore, if he or she has the opportunity to travel to Ukraine and the reason is not due to any special event, such as work, the border guard may question whether the foreigner is still entitled to temporary protection in Poland and whether there are reasons to grant him permission to re-enter Poland. It should be remembered that in the scope described above, the decision is made by the border guard officer who performs the border control and the commanding officer of the border guard facility at the point of crossing the border, examining the circumstances of a specific case. The assessment of the situation by the border guards may be subjective.