Category: Non-Ukrainian citizens

I am from Uzbekistan, I have permanent residence in Ukraine. The husband is a citizen of Ukraine and lives in Germany. Can I come to Poland and go further to Germany to my husband?

Can a person covered by temporary protection (third-country national with permanent residence in the UA) go to Ukraine or another EU country with a certificate of temporary protection? For what period?

I am not a UA citizen, I have a temporary protection certificate – can I obtain a document?

Can a child of a Ukrainian citizen who does not have Ukrainian citizenship receive the PESEL UKR?

I am not a citizen of Ukraine, can I obtain a document?

Can a person with temporary protection in Poland and permanent residence in Ukraine go to Ukraine and return to Poland?

I am not a citizen of Ukraine, I left Ukraine in mid-April, I don’t have any visa. No stamp was placed at the border. Do I still have the right to 15 days legal residence in Poland?

What about third-country nationals who entered the territory of the Republic of Poland escaping the war, but 15 days have passed and they have not had time to take further steps and cannot return to their countries. How can they extend the legality of their stay and obtain the right to work?

Information on what to do during the first 90 days in Poland (PESEL no., benefits, employment offices)?

Where should I seek assistance and what document should I obtain if I am not covered by the Act on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine, but I am nonetheless eligible for temporary protection?