Changing the rules for issuing temporary protection certificates

Update: 30.01.2023

Foreigners who are not citizens of Ukraine, who came to Poland from the territory of Ukraine from February 24, 2022 and meet the conditions set out in the implementing decision of the EU Council, i.e. who are not covered by the Act on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of this country, but who belong to the category of displaced persons listed in the implementing decision of the EU Council stating the existence of a mass influx of displaced persons from Ukraine (more: ) may use temporary protection on the territory of Poland, which is confirmed by a certificate issued by the Office for Foreigners confirming the use of temporary protection.

From January 25, 2023, the above-mentioned foreigners may apply for a certificate on the use of temporary protection only in one of the following ways:

  •   by post to the address: Office for Foreigners, ul. Taborowa 33, 02-699 Warsaw,
  • by e-mail to the address:,
  • electronically via the ePUAP platform,
  • in person at the office of the office at ul. Taborowa 33 in Warsaw.

According to the Office for Foreigners, the foreigner should attach to the application:

  • a copy of the travel document with the confirmation of entry into the territory of Poland starting from February 24, 2022,
  • a copy of the document which entitles you to use protection or legal stay in Ukraine before February 24, 2022 on the basis of a valid permanent residence permit,
  •   a statement on the impossibility of returning to the country or region of origin,
  • copies of documents regarding kinship with persons entitled to temporary protection in the case of children or other close relatives who lived together as one family.

Only after a positive verification of the application, an employee of the office will contact the foreigner and arrange a date for the personal collection of the certificate. After receiving the certificate, you must come with the original documents attached to the application! The certificate will be issued only after confirming its compliance with the original.

If the foreigner does not meet the conditions for temporary protection, he will receive a decision in this matter by post or via the ePUAP platform.The template of the application for a certificate on the use of temporary protection can be downloaded from the website: