Diploma recognition for a citizen of Ukraine – general information, tips – steps, documents, deadlines.

The diploma recognition procedure (i.e. the procedure for recognising a higher education diploma as equivalent to a Polish diploma) is regulated by Article 327 of the Higher Education and Science Act.

Obtaining recognition of a diploma indicates that a foreign diploma is equivalent to a Polish one in Poland. The recognition results in a certificate stating that the foreign diploma has been recognised as equivalent to a specific Polish diploma and a specific professional title (e.g. Master of Law). Such a certificate can then be used (together with the foreign diploma) when applying for a job, admission to a doctoral school, application, etc.  

The application for diploma recognition must be submitted to a university which has the so-called scientific category A+, A, or B+ in the discipline to which the application relates. The list of disciplines is provided by the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 20 September 2018 on Scientific Fields and Scientific and Artistic Disciplines. According to this regulation, there are the following disciplines (please note that these are disciplines, not fields):


No.Field of Science / ArtScientific/Artistic Discipline
1Field of Humanities1) Archaeology
2) Philosophy
3) History
4) Linguistics
5) Literary Studies
6) Cultural and Religious Sciences
7) Artistic Sciences
2Field of Engineering Science1) Architecture and Urban Planning
2) Automation, Electronics and Electrotechnology
3) Technical Informatics and Telecommunications
4) Biomedical Engineering
5) Chemical Engineering
6) Civil Engineering and Transport
7) Materials Engineering
8) Mechanical Engineering
9) Environmental Engineering, Mining, and Power Engineering
3Field of Medical and Health Sciences1) Pharmaceutical Sciences
2) Medical Sciences
3) Physical Culture Sciences
4) Health Sciences
4Field of Agricultural Sciences1) Forestry Sciences
2) Agriculture and Horticulture
3) Food and Nutrition Technology
4) Veterinary
5) Zootechnics and Fisheries
5Field of Social Sciences1) Economics and Finance
2) Social and Economic Geography and Spatial Management
3) Security Sciences
4) Social Communication and Media Sciences
5) Political and Administrative Sciences
6) Management and Quality Sciences
7) Legal Sciences
8) Sociological Sciences
9) Pedagogy
10) Canon Law
11) Psychology
6Field of Scientific and Natural Sciences1) Astronomy
2) Information Technology
3) Mathematics
4) Biological Sciences
5) Chemical Sciences
6) Physical Sciences
7) Earth and Environmental Sciences
7Field of Theological SciencesTheological Sciences
8Field of Arts1) Film and Theatre Arts
2) Musical Arts
3) Visual Arts and Art Conservation

The current academic categories (resulting from the latest university evaluation) are listed here: https://polon.nauka.gov.pl/pomoc/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/13.05.2021_wykaz-kategorii-naukowych-2017_2021.pdf.

The diploma recognition procedure is regulated in detail in the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 28 September 2018 on the Recognition of Diplomas of Completion of Studies Abroad and Confirmation of Completion of Studies at a Specific Level.

According to Para. 2 of the said Regulation, the application for diploma recognition shall be accompanied by:

1) a diploma of graduation;

2) documents enabling the assessment of the course of study, the learning outcomes achieved, and the duration of the study;

3) a certificate, diploma, or other documents on the basis of which the applicant has been admitted to study;

4) a statement by the applicant on the place and date of birth.

It is not necessary to submit certified translations of the documents, but the recognising university may require (after formal verification of the documents) the submission of ordinary translations.

If the examination of the documents reveals differences in the study programme, the recognising university may oblige the applicant to take specific examinations or to complete professional practice.

The time limit for handling the case is 90 days from the date of submission of the complete set of documents.The university will charge a fee for the diploma recognition procedure, which is PLN 3,205, although it is possible to apply for a full or partial exemption from the fee. The regulations concerning the procedure and conditions of fee exemption are determined by each university.