Does taking of the 300 plus and 800 plus benefits in Poland prevent you from receiving assistance and benefits in another EU country? Should I report this fact somewhere while leaving?

A citizen of Ukraine whose stay in Poland is legal on the basis of the “special act” is entitled to a child benefit (800+) and the “Good start” benefit (300+) if he or she lives with children in Poland.

However, if a Ukrainian citizen leaves Poland for more than one month, he or she loses the legal stay in Poland granted under the “special act”. Thus, he is no longer entitled to benefits listed in the “special act”, including 800+ and 300+ benefits.

If benefits continue to be paid, despite the fact that a Ukrainian citizen has lost the right to them, the Social Insurance Institution (pol. Zakład Ubespieczeń Społecznych – ZUS) may demand their reimbursement together with statutory interest for the delay. To avoid this, inform the Social Insurance Institution within 7 days that the Ukrainian citizen left Poland for more than a month, and therefore lost the right to 800+ and 300+ benefits.

A Ukrainian citizen who resides in Poland on the basis of the “special act” is recognized as a person enjoying temporary protection. As a rule, Ukrainian citizens are free to choose the country where they want to benefit from temporary protection. However, it should be remembered that the rights resulting from temporary protection can be exercised only in one EU country. Thus, a citizen of Ukraine who benefited from temporary protection in Poland, and then lost this right in connection with leaving Poland for more than a month, should be able to benefit from temporary protection in another EU country. However, the legal situation of these persons will largely depend on the legislation and practice of the country in which they choose to reside. For this reason, before leaving Poland, it is worth consulting the authorities of the destination country (e.g. through the embassy) or local lawyers to determine whether and on what terms, in the above circumstances, a Ukrainian citizen can count on temporary protection in another EU country.