Facilitations for psychologists from Ukraine.

Update: 08.02.2023

The “Special Act” provides for special facilities for psychologists from Ukraine who want to practice in Poland.

From February 24, 2022, for a period of 18 months, psychologists from Ukraine may provide psychological services to Ukrainian citizens residing in Poland, including health care services in the field of psychiatric care and addiction treatment.

The “Special Act” does not provide grounds for such services and benefits to be provided by Ukrainian citizens to Polish citizens.

Psychologists from Ukraine may provide the above services provided that:

a) reside legally in Poland (both on the basis of the “special act” and other acts) and

b) have a diploma obtained in Ukraine:

1) uniform studies in the field of psychology, or

2) a first-cycle diploma in the field of psychology and a second-cycle diploma in the field of psychology

– completed with the title of a specialist in the field of psychology or a master’s degree in psychology.

Moreover, Ukrainian citizens residing legally on the territory of Poland pursuant to Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the “special act”, may – with the consent of the relevant authorities – be employed as psychologists:

a) in institutional forms of foster care,

b) in a day support facility,

c) at the organizer of family foster care

despite not having knowledge of the Polish language confirmed by an appropriate document.

It should be remembered that the employment of a psychologist from Ukraine on the basis of the above rules still has to be notified to the poviat labor office within 14 days (with exceptions provided for in the “special act”).