Facilitations for teachers from Ukraine.

The “Special Act” provides for special facilities for academic teachers and research workers who want to practice in Poland.

A citizen of Ukraine legally residing on the territory of Poland pursuant to Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the “special act”, may be employed at a university as an academic teacher without conducting an appropriate competition, if he or she declares that on February 24, 2022 he worked as an academic teacher at a university operating in Ukraine and has the required professional title, academic degree, degree in field of art or the title of professor and the relevant qualifications for the position.

Under the same conditions (i.e. without holding a competition, based on a declaration of a Ukrainian citizen), a researcher from Ukraine may be employed in scientific institutions and other organizational units of the Polish Academy of Sciences and in a research institute.

In addition, when hiring an academic teacher for the position of:

1) professor

2) university professor

3) assistant professor

4) assistant

a citizen of Ukraine who obtained the title of professor, academic degree, degree in arts or professional title abroad, the requirements for this title may be waived, or

degree specified in the Law on Higher Education and Science (Article 116 Paragraph 2).

Moreover, a citizen of Ukraine residing legally on the territory of Poland pursuant to Art. 2 clause 1 of the “special act”, may be employed without a competition for the position of a research department at Centrum Łukasiewicz or an institute operating within the Łukasiewicz Research Network, if he declares that on February 24, 2022 he met the qualification requirements for this position.