How can a Ukrainian doctor start working in Poland (as a doctor)?

The  Act on Assistance for Ukrainian Citizens provides for special facilities for doctors and dentists from Ukraine. These facilitations apply only to:

– citizens of Ukraine,

– who obtained the qualifications of a doctor or dentist outside the territory of the European Union Member States (i.e. in Ukraine, but also in other countries outside the EU).

Therefore, the facilities will not be available to third-country nationals and dentists who have fled Ukraine.

Citizens of Ukraine who have qualifications as a doctor or dentist obtained outside the EU will be able, from February 24, 2022, for a period of 28 months, obtain permission to practice the profession of a doctor or dentist and have granted conditional right to practice a profession in Poland.

A citizen of Ukraine will be able to obtain permission to practice as a doctor or dentist if:

– has full legal capacity;

– his health condition allows him to practice as a doctor or dentist;

– shows impeccable ethical attitude and

– holds a doctor’s or dentist’s diploma confirming completion of at least five-year studies, issued in a country other than a Member State of the European Union. During the period of announcing the state of an epidemic threat or state of an epidemic, these documents do not require legalization or apostille.

To obtain permission to practice as a doctor or dentist in Poland, a citizen of Ukraine meeting the above conditions will have to submit an appropriate application to the Minister of Health.

The granted right to practice allows work only in a medical entity. After starting such work, the citizen of Ukraine will be obliged to inform the Minister of Health about this fact within 7 days.

Citizens of Ukraine who came to Poland from February 24, 2022 and presented a copy of the document confirming crossing the border and do not have the original diploma of graduation or the title of specialist, may present the diploma in the form of an undoubted copy (good quality copy of the document). Within 6 months after the end of the armed conflict in Ukraine, the original diploma or a notarized copy of the document must be provided.