How can citizens of other countries (non-Ukrainians) enter Poland?

If you are a citizen of a third country (without the right to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland/Schengen countries), you can obtain a temporary residence permit issued by the Border Guard Commander (for 15 days), provided that you prove that your arrival to Poland results from the armed conflict in Ukraine. It should be emphasised, that the issuing of this consent is optional, i.e. the Commander of the relevant Post may refuse entry if he/she considers that the person does not meet the requirements of the special regulations.

Then (depending on your situation):

– you can leave Poland to go to your own country (if you need help with this, contact your country’s embassy)

– you can try to make your stay in Poland legal, i.e. apply for temporary residence [see:]. Please remember that a temporary residence permit application submitted no later than on the last day of your legal stay in Poland makes your stay in Poland legal until the relevant decision is taken.

– you can apply for refugee status or subsidiary protection – REMEMBER! This protection is granted to persons who are at risk of persecution/danger in their country of origin, not necessarily in Ukraine.

–  be covered by temporary protection. Temporary protection is granted to citizens of other Ukrainian countries who fled this country after February 24, 2022, if they had refugee status in Ukraine (or their immediate family members had such status). Temporary protection will also be available to people who had a valid permanent residence permit in Ukraine and cannot safely and permanently return to their country. Temporary protection may also be granted to spouses of a Ukrainian citizen who do not have Ukrainian citizenship, provided that he/she came to the territory of the Republic of Poland from the territory of Ukraine in connection with military operations conducted in the territory of that state.

Even if you are allowed to stay in Poland, this does not mean you can freely travel within the European Union / Schengen area. Laws related to such travel have not changed. 

Please remember to monitor announcements made by Polish authorities and the Border Guard.