How can my child cross the border without a parent?

If you want to send your minor children to Poland under the care of someone from your family or a friend, then (if possible) you should prepare a notarized authorization for this person to look after your children and cross the border. If you are not able to draw up a notarized authorization, it may be helpful, for example, to obtain a written consent.

It is important that your children have any identity document – passport, birth certificate. Both the Polish and Ukrainian sides are obliged to take all steps to prevent trafficking in children. Therefore, in such situations, the border crossing procedure may take longer, and decisions will be taken by the authorities individually.

If you are a parent living in Poland and you want your minor child to cross the border without a guardian, you should first of all go to the border crossing where your child will cross the border. In practice, it may be very helpful to prepare a notarized consent for your child to cross the border and transfer it to the facility where border checks will be performed.

Upon arrival in Poland, a minor Ukrainian citizen residing in Poland without the care of an adult responsible under Polish law should be initiated before a guardianship court in order to establish a temporary guardian for him.