How do I apply for international protection for a child (minor) without a legal guardian?

In order to apply for international protection, an unaccompanied minor should report to a local branch of the Border Guard and state their  intention to file such an application.

In response to the aforementioned statement of intent, the Border Guard shall carry out the following actions:

1. draft a protocol of these proceedings,

2. record the minor’s statement in a special register,

3. request the family court to appoint a guardian to represent the minor in the proceedings.

Within 3 days from receiving the Border Guard’s request, the family court shall appoint a guardian representing the child in the international protection proceedings

The application for international protection shall be filed on behalf of the unaccompanied minor by a guardian or representative of an international organization or non-governmental organization providing assistance to foreigners, including legal aid, on condition that the said organization, based on an individual assessment of the situation of the unaccompanied minor, deems the child to be in need of such protection.

The minor may be committed to a social care institution if he/she has no close relatives who can take care of him/her.

After receiving an application for granting international protection to the unaccompanied minor, the Head of the Office for Foreigners (i.e. the authority that conducts the procedure for granting international protection) shall promptly take action to locate his/her relatives, in particular by:

1. informing the unaccompanied minor about the possibility of locating his/her relatives through international non-governmental organizations;

2. provide assistance to an unaccompanied minor in:

(a) establishing contact with international NGOs,

b) initiating the search for his/her relatives.