How do I cross the border with an animal?

As of July 25, 2022, Poland has changed its existing temporary procedures for the entrance of pets from Ukraine. Under the current rules, owners of cats, dogs, and ferrets must ensure that, when crossing the border, the animal:

  • had the possibility of being identified by a microchip;
  • had a valid rabies vaccination administered no earlier than the date of microchipping;
  • have a valid passport in accordance with the European model, issued by the veterinary institutions of the State Production and Consumer Service of Ukraine and attesting to the vaccination and microchipping of the animal.

At the same time, considering today’s realities, Polish customs, and veterinary services at the border will not require Ukrainian pet owners to present their pets:

  • a health certificate for the animal;
  • results of rabies antibody testing.

Detailed rules on the new border crossing rules can be found here: