How does a student from Ukraine have the opportunity to continue their studies in Poland, and how about students from other countries who have studied in Ukraine?

In the case of students, citizens of Ukraine, who are currently students at Polish universities – they may study under the current rules. Each university also implements its own aid policy. The facilities include such instruments as: exemption from tuition fees, financial aid, places in student dormitories, and extension of sessions or the entitlement to dean’s leave. The universities have also launched psychological and legal support programmes. 

For students, citizens of Ukraine, who are not currently students at Polish universities – the current general regulations do not regulate the continuation of studies differently. Until now, each university has defined its own procedures for transferring students from a foreign university. The final decision in this matter is taken by the university authorities, usually the Rector. It is worth noting, however, that work on simplified procedures for the admission of students from Ukraine is in progress. Results of this work have yet to be seen. Significant challenges in this respect are language issues. Studies in Poland are most often conducted in Polish, less often in a foreign language (e.g. English).  

In the case of students from other countries (so-called third countries) who studied in Ukraine – the possibility to continue studies will probably be based on general rules. In other words, the student will have to go through the general admission procedure existing at the receiving university and obtain a residence title allowing the continuation of studies in the territory of the Republic of Poland (e.g. a visa or a temporary residence permit).   Detailed residence information can be found on the websites of the Voivodship Offices, while the conditions for the admission of students by the universities can be found on the websites of the individual universities.

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