How to get a confirmation of entry to Poland in the absence of a stamp in the passport?

Citizens of Ukraine who entered Poland directly, from February 24th 2022 onwards, and do not have a stamp in their passport or other document confirming crossing the border, can obtain a certificate of the date of entry at the Western and Central Railway Station in Warsaw. The certificate is issued for the purpose of “allotting a train ticket” (although the legal basis for the decision to issue certificates is not known), but at the same time it confirms the fact of crossing the border on a specific date – which has legal significance.

The certificates are issued at the official voivodeship information points at the Western Railway Station and the Central Railway Station.

ATTENTION: there are several help points for refugees (run by volunteers) at the stations, certificates are issued only at the information desk run by the Mazowieckie Voivode.

How to get to the point at the Western Railway Station?

In the station hall, before the stairs up, turn right, then go straight to the end of the corridor and turn right again.

How to get to the point at the Central Railway Station?

The point is located in the main hall of the station, on the right side of the platform exit, next to the side exit from the station.

The lack of a stamp on the passport with the date of entry may cause difficulties in accessing benefits, free travel or other support.