How to get a PESEL number for a child from Ukraine?

One of the following persons may apply for a PESEL number for a child from Ukraine:

  • one of the parents,
  • guardian, curator,
  • temporary guardian, or
  • the person exercising actual custody of the child.

A person applying for such a PESEL number for a child must submit a relevant application in person to the commune. The child must also appear in person at the municipality if he is over 12 (fingerprints will be taken).

You can find the application here:

Remember that the application must be accompanied by a photograph of the child in the appropriate format (35 x 45 mm). You can have it with you or make it at the office.

If you have any identity documents of the child, it is worth having them with you during your visit to the office. The child’s identity will be confirmed on the basis of: passport, Pole’s Card or other document with a photo enabling identification, birth certificate. Take these documents with you, even if they are no longer valid. If you do not have and are unable to obtain any of the above documents, you will have to submit a declaration under pain of criminal liability regarding the child’s personal data. Remember to bring your identity document to the office and, if you have it, a document confirming that you have the right to represent the child (e.g. appointing you as a guardian, child’s birth certificate).