How to get PESEL number?

Assigning a PESEL number on the basis of the law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with an armed conflict in the territory of that state [hereinafter referred to as the law on assistance].

Pursuant to the Law on Assistance, refugees from Ukraine may apply for a PESEL number on special terms.

What is a PESEL number?

It is a 11-digit number that allows for an unambiguous identification of a specific person. In other words, no PESEL number is repeated – it is always assigned to a specific person.

What is it useful for?

The PESEL number is useful, for example, when dealing with various official matters, when running a business, using medical care or when filing tax returns. In the case of refugees from Ukraine, having a PESEL number is necessary to start and run a business on the same terms as Polish citizens. Based on the PESEL number, you will receive access to a trusted profile that will allow you to deal with various official matters via the Internet.

Granting a PESEL number is especially important if your entry to Poland has not been registered by the Border Guard during border control, because it will allow you to register your stay.

How to get a PESEL number?

Submit the application in person at any commune office.

The application for a minor is submitted by the parent, guardian, probation officer, temporary guardian or the person who actually takes care of the child.

Prepare your document that will confirm your identity. Examples of documents that confirm identity are (even invalidated, if they allow identification): passport, ID card, but also a Pole’s card or a driving license. In the case of children, a birth certificate is also acceptable. In extreme cases, it is possible to assign a PESEL number based on the applicant’s declaration.

Application – you can download it and fill it in at home or fill it in at the office. Note – the application will be available in Ukrainian and Polish. 

If your entry to Poland has not been registered by the Border Guard, you have 90 days to submit an application for a PESEL number, because on its basis you will be registered in the foreigners’ register.

You will be fingerprinted when you submit your application. This does not apply to:

  • children up to 12 years of age.
  • a person from whom it is temporarily impossible to take fingerprints of any of the fingers;
  • a person from whom fingerprinting is physically impossible.