How to receive the PLN 40 benefit for refugee accommodation?

The cash benefit for providing accommodation and meals to refugees from Ukraine is granted on the basis of Article 13 of the law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with an armed conflict in the territory of that state. The amount of the benefit is PLN 40 per person per day, and the benefit includes the provision of both accommodation and meals.

This provision was amended by the Act of April 27, 2022 and now new rules apply:

The cash benefit for providing accommodation to Ukrainians is payable for no longer than 120 days from the date of arrival of a Ukrainian citizen on the territory of the Republic of Poland. So if the accommodation did not take place immediately after arrival, but, for example, only after a few days, the period for which you can receive the benefit is shortened accordingly.

It should be remembered that the period of payment of the benefit may be extended beyond 120 days in particularly justified cases.

In order to receive the benefit, it is necessary to submit an application to the local government (city, commune office, etc.). The application is submitted on a special form. Importantly, the latest amendment also introduced a new form, so make sure to complete the correct form, available at the office.

The funds are paid by the local government “in arrears”, ie for the period of accommodation and meals that has already expired. In practice, applications for the payment of benefits take longer to be examined. The competent office verifies the accuracy of the data included in the application for benefits. If the application contains false information, the benefit will not be granted. One should take into account the possibility of visiting representatives of the commune office at the indicated address of accommodation, although at present there is no information that such verifications would be carried out.

If the entity providing accommodation and meals is an organizational unit, legal entity or entrepreneur, the voivode has the right to decide to increase this amount above the rate of PLN 40. It may also be the case if accommodation and meals for Ukrainian citizens were provided before the effective date of the act.

According to the new regulations, a refugee benefiting from assistance must have a PESEL number, and the PESEL number must be provided in the form for granting benefits for accommodation. Data of persons for whom applications are submitted (Ukrainian citizens using accommodation) are currently collected in the database in order to eliminate abuses.