How to receive the PLN 40 benefit for refugee accommodation?

A monetary benefit for the provision of accommodation and food to refugees from Ukraine is granted under Article 13 of the Act on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine in Connection with the Armed Conflict on the Territory of the Country. The amount of the benefit is PLN 40 per person per day, with the benefit covering the provision of both accommodation and board.

The monetary benefit for the provision of accommodation to Ukrainians is payable for no longer than 120 days from the date of arrival of a given Ukrainian citizen in the Republic of Poland. Thus, if the accommodation was not provided immediately after arrival but, for example, only after several days have passed, the period for which the benefit is payable will be reduced accordingly.

The funds are paid by the local government “in arrears”, that is, for the period of accommodation and board that has already passed. In practice, applications for payment of benefits take longer to be processed. The relevant office verifies the veracity of the data contained in the benefits application. If false information is provided in the application, the benefit will not be granted. The possibility of a visit by representatives of the municipality to the indicated address of accommodation should be taken into account, although there is currently no information that such verifications are carried out.

If the entity providing accommodation and board is an organizational unit, legal entity or entrepreneur, the voivod office has the right to decide to raise the amount above the rate of PLN 40. This can also be done if accommodation and board for Ukrainian citizens were provided prior to the date of entry into force of the act.

According to the current legislation, a citizen of Ukraine receiving assistance must have a valid PESEL number, and it is mandatory to provide the PESEL number in said benefis application. The data of the persons for whom the applications are submitted (citizens of Ukraine receiving accommodation) is currently being collected in a database, in order to eliminate aby possible abuse.

Ukrainian citizens may also benefit, among others, from assistance in the form of accommodation and board provided by the Voivode ,as provided for in Article 12 of the Special Act.

However, please be reminded that starting from March 2023, after the initial 120 days the aforementioned assistance may only be provided on condition the Ukrainian citizen (who has a valid PESEL number) covers 50% of the cost of this assistance in advance, in the amount of no more than PLN 40 per person per day.

After 180 days from the date of the Ukrainian citizen’s first entry to Poland, assistance may be provided once the Ukrainian citizen covers 75% of the cost of such assistance, in the amount of no more than PLN 60 per person per day.

The aforementioned regulations regarding participation in the costs of accommodation and board does not apply to:

  • persons with disabilities and their carers,
  • persons who are at least 60 (women) or 65 (men) years of age,
  • pregnant women,
  • persons raising a child up to 12 months of age,
  • persons with single custody of more than two children,
  • minors and temporary guardians of minors who came to Poland without a factual guardian or who were placed in Ukrainian foster care,
  • other persons in a difficult financial situation that makes it impossible for them to contribute to the cost of assistance.

In order to receive the benefit, it is necessary to submit an application to a local government authority (city hall, municipality, etc.). The application is submitted using a designated form.