How to submit an application for temporary residence?

The application for temporary residence should be submitted to the Governor of the province where you are currently staying. You will find the application form and the relevant instructions here >>>

If you wish to apply for a temporary stay to extend your stay, but you do not know yet whether you will be able to take up a job or enroll in a higher education institution in Poland, tick No. 16, i.e. the so-called “other circumstances,” and state your purpose of stay, e.g. “fleeing Ukraine due to the war.” If your stay in Poland may be justified by other circumstances, make sure to include them in the application. 

Your application should include:

1. copies of passport;

2. 4 photographs;

3. proof of payment of stamp duty (PLN 340);

4. copies of your residence permit in Ukraine or Ukrainian visa.

Send the application along with the attachments by registered mail with proof of posting using the Polish Post (Poczta Polska) service.

Important! Keep the copies of the documents you send along with the postal receipt. These documents confirm that you have submitted your application and that your stay, once the formalities have been completed, will be retroactively recognized as legal until you receive the final decision. Please note that if you send your application by mail, the appropriate authority will call you to its premises to take your fingerprints. You will have to appear at the appropriate authority for this purpose. Otherwise your application procedure will be terminated and your stay will become illegal.

It is also important that you indicate in your application a valid mailing address. If you change your address, make ABSOLUTELY sure to send a due notification of the fact to the authority to which you submitted your application.

Remember, the above conditions constitute the minimum requirements and are not sufficient to guarantee a positive decision regarding your application. The above solution will only buy you more time. Ultimately, in order to obtain a temporary residence permit, you should find a job or enroll in a higher education institution in Poland and provide the required document.. 

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