I am 16 years old, I came to Poland after February 24 on the Ukrainian national passport. Can I go back to Ukraine now without my parents and without any additional documents?

Minors who are third-country nationals crossing the Polish border are subject to the same entry and exit checks as adults. There are no additional restrictions in this regard.

Polish regulations do not prohibit minors who have reached 16 years of age and who travel alone, without adult supervision, from crossing the border. It should be noted, however, that the Border Guard pays special attention to minors, regardless of whether they travel under care or alone, for the sake of their safety.

Pursuant to the law of Ukraine, a person who has reached 16 years of age may independently cross the state border:

Ukrainian Civil Code: Article 313 Paragraph 3 “A person who has reached sixteen years of age has the right to leave Ukraine on their own.”Full Article 313 Paragraph 3 of Ukrainian Civil Code: 3. A person who is citizen of Ukraine has the right to return to Ukraine without hindrance. A person over sixteen years of age has the right to leave Ukraine on their own. A person under the age of sixteen has the right to leave Ukraine only with the consent of the parents (adoptive parents), guardians and in the company or in the company of persons authorized by them, except in cases provided for by law.