I am a citizen of Ukraine, I received PESEL UKR and social benefits. I left for UA, but after 2 months I returned to Poland. I have renewed my UKR status, am I entitled to re-submit my 500+ application?

The departure of a Ukrainian citizen from the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period of more than 1 month deprives him of the right to recognize his stay in Poland as legal under the Special Act, and thus to use the benefits granted under the Special Act.

However, according to the position of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, “Ukrainian citizens who have declared evacuation from Ukraine at any time may, in the period of 18 months from February 24 this year, freely leave Poland and any re-entry during this time will be legal, regardless of other rights, including those resulting from visa-free travel or a visa “and” this right (recognition of stay in Poland as legal) is independent of other rights to enter and stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland under the law “.

This means that the next entry to Poland, even after 1 month, again gives the rights under the Special Act.

This is also confirmed by the restoration of the UKR status in the PESEL database.

Therefore, it is assessed that a foreigner may reapply for benefits referred to in the Special Act when he is again covered by the protection provided for by the Special Act.