I am from Ukraine.When crossing the border, I did not get a stamp in my passport – do I have to get a certificate of the date of crossing the border from the Border Guard before going to get PESEL?

Update: 01.02.2023

If your entry into Poland was not registered by the Border Guard during border control, you should go to any municipal authority and apply for a PESEL number within 30 days of your entry. By submitting this application you will also be able to apply for your residence to be registered. 

The municipal authority should issue a confirmation of submission of the application. The indicated deadline for submission of an application for a PESEL number shall apply as of the day following its signing, i.e. as of 28.01.2023, however, it should be indicated that persons who crossed the Polish border before the date of entry into force of the amendment will be obliged to submit an application for PESEL number within 30 days of its entry into force.