I am not a Ukrainian citizen – can I apply for international protection (refugee status)?

Update: 07.02.2023

If you fear persecution in your home country on the grounds of your race, religious denomination, nationality, ethnicity or membership in a persecuted social group (e.g. non-heteronormative people) or if, on your return, you will be exposed to the risk of serious harm (e.g. torture, the death penalty, there is a war in your country in which civilians are killed), you may apply for international protection (refugee status) in Poland.

Remember that the danger(s) you face should be related to your individual situation and not to the general situation in your country.

In order to apply for international protection you should visit any Border Guard post and declare your willingness to apply for such protection. The Border Guard officer should then fill out the appropriate form, which you will be asked to sign. If you do not speak Polish, the BG will provide you with the assistance of an interpreter.

Important! During the procedure you will not be allowed to work in the Republic of Poland. If the decision is not issued within 6 months, you will obtain a certificate allowing you to work until the decision is issued. 

For more information on international protection, click here: https://hfhr.pl/publikacje/ja-w-procedurze-o-udzielenie-ochrony-miedzynarodowej-o-prawach-i-obowiazkach