I came to Poland from Ukraine, but returned there for over 30 days. How can I enter Poland now?

If, during the first stay, you have registered your stay and obtained a PESEL number, then after such a period of stay outside Poland, you lose the rights that were granted by the special act. Re-entry to the territory of Poland, if it is not possible to enter the visa-free regime, may take place on the basis of the consent of the commanding officer of the Border Guard post. In such a situation, steps should be taken to legalize the stay within 15 days from the date of entry.

The legislation provides for the possibility of re-establishing UKR status as a result of arrival on Polish territory from Ukrainian territory in connection with hostilities conducted on the territory of that country. This entry should then be documented or registered in the register of Ukrainian nationals who arrived on the territory of the Republic of Poland from the territory of Ukraine in connection with military operations conducted on the territory of Ukraine, kept by the Commander-in-Chief of the Border Guard.

If this entry occurred across the Polish border, which is the external border of the Schengen area, the re-establishment of UKR status is automatic. 

Re-assignment of status can also occur as a result of a renewed application for a PESEL number. The competent authority for the registration of the above data is any municipality’s executive body, as was the case when the PESEL number was first applied for. When the application for a PESEL number is resubmitted in accordance with the Special-purpose Act, the number already held will be updated by adding the UKR status back to it.

In other case, within the time limit indicated above, you can apply to the voivode competent for the place of stay for a temporary residence permit. When submitting an application for a temporary residence permit, it should be shown that a number of conditions required by law in relation to the indicated purpose of stay are met.

You can also submit an application to the Head of the Office for Foreigners for a certificate on the use of temporary protection, which will result in receiving temporary protection in accordance with the regulations of the European Union.