I crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border with my grandson on February 25. My grandson has asthma. We do not have contact with his parents. Can I decide on his treatment?

To make decisions about medical treatment of a child or about other important things in their life, you need to be their legal guardian. The parents are the legal guardians, and when they cannot provide care or are dead, the legal guardian is established by the guardianship court. The so-called Special Act allows the court to establish a so-called temporary guardian for children (who meet the requirements of this Act) who are not under the care of their parents or other formally established legal guardians. Such a guardian will have rights similar to those of a legal guardian, but will be under the control of a local Social Welfare Centre or other local government unit, and will have to obtain the consent of the court for some decisions on more important matters of the child. In your case, this is the best solution, also due to the speed of the procedure – it should take 3 days.