I entered Poland from Ukraine on 1.03.2022. I did not apply for a PESEL number. Does this mean that I cannot receive medical benefits?

First and foremost, it should be noted that holding a PESEL number with the annotation UKR is not a necessary condition for obtaining free health care services in Poland by citizens of Ukraine covered by the Special-purpose Act (who entered the territory of the Republic of Poland from 24 February 2022 due to the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine).

The special PESEL number assigned to Ukrainian citizens is one of the measures used to verify whether a foreigner is entitled to medical benefits.

According to the National Health Fund’s communication, the verification of entitlements to medical services for persons entitled under the special law is being carried out:

1. BEFORE THE ENTRY INTO FORCE OF THE SPECIAL-PURPOSE ACT (from 24 February to 11 March 2022) under any document that proves identity, among others:

  1. passport of a Ukrainian citizen with a stamp of the Border Guard of the Republic of Poland,
  2. a certificate issued by the Border Guard of the Republic of Poland,
  3. identity card,
  4. driving licence,
  5. marriage certificate,
  6. birth certificate,
  7. any other document evidencing the status of Ukrainian citizenship, crossing the border, place of crossing the border; the status of the spouse of a Ukrainian citizen, kinship in the case of the immediate family of a Ukrainian citizen with the Pole’s Card

2. AFTER THE ENTRY INTO FORCE OF THE SPECIAL-PURPOSE ACT (from 12 March 2022) additionally on the basis of:

  1. a special PESEL number assigned to Ukrainian citizens,
  2. e-document (adult persons who register with the municipality and are assigned a PESEL number and create a trusted profile can activate the e-document certifying the status of an entitled person),
  3. a printout of confirmation of the creation of a trusted profile of an entitled person (includes: name and surname, PESEL number).

Source: https://www.nfz.gov.pl/aktualnosci/aktualnosci-centrali/pomoc-dla-obywateli-ukrainy-zagwarantowana-w-specustawie-o-czym-musza-wiedziec-swiadczeniodawcy,8157.html

According to the current wording of the Special-purpose Act, if a PESEL number is assigned under this Act, the person to whom the number is assigned is considered to be entitled to medical care, although it has not been determined that the assignment of a PESEL number is a prerequisite for such recognition.