I fled Ukraine; I am in an advanced pregnancy. What about childbirth and perinatal care?

Refugees from Ukraine* are entitled to medical care in Poland on the same terms as Polish people with NHF insurance. This means that a pregnant refugee who reports to a public hospital for childbirth will be admitted and will be provided with free maternity care. The entitlement to medical care also covers a refugee’s child born in Poland. Medical care will be provided subject to presentation of a document confirming identity*. Additionally one of the following documents will be required to verify the entitlement to medical care:

  • special PESEL number assigned to Ukrainian citizens,
  • e-document (adults who register in the municipality, obtain a PESEL number and set up a trusted profile, can activate the e-document confirming the status of an authorized person),
  • printout of the confirmation of creating a trusted authorized person’s profile (including first name, last name, and PESEL number).

Useful websites:
The website of the Rodzić po Ludzku Foundation, which supports women giving birth. You will find here information in Ukrainian (including the birth plan):
Following the fanpage of the Rodzić po Ludzku Foundation can also be helpful, because midwives and doctors use it offer free help to pregnant refugees:

List of doctors running private clinics who do not charge fees for refugees from Ukraine:
Medical helpline in Ukrainian at 800 137 200.

*covered by the provisions of the Act on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens in Connection with an Armed Conflict in the Territory of that State
** Except: spa treatment, spa rehabilitation, right to treatment abroad, reimbursement for treatment abroad under the “Cross-Border” Directive.
*** examples of documents confirming identity: passport, ID card, driver’s licence, birth certificate