I have a PESEL UKR, I went home for less than 30 days, but I found that my UKR status no longer applies. Can I enter Poland and what to do if there are problems at the border?

The issue of depriving the PESEL UKR PESEL should be clarified, because even multiple trips from Poland, if no trip exceeded the period of 1 month, should not result in deprivation of PESEL UKR. If it is not possible to restore this status before entering Poland, it is possible to obtain the consent of the commander of the Border Guard post to re-enter Poland. Such consent is granted to citizens of Ukraine who came to the territory of the Republic of Poland from Ukraine in the period from February 24, 2022 in connection with hostilities in that country. The permission to enter seems justified, as the armed Russian aggression continues and its effects affect the entire territory of Ukraine.

Moreover, if the previous stays in the Schengen area did not exceed 90 days in a 180-day period, then in the case of having a biometric passport, there is a possibility of entry under the visa-free regime.

After arriving in Poland, you should go to the commune office to confirm that no trip from Poland was longer than 1 month.

Confirmation of this should result in the restoration of PESEL UKR.