I have permanent residence in Ukraine, I am not a citizen of this country, I fled the war. How can I legalise my stay?

According to the decision of the EU Council, as a person with permanent residence in Ukraine and who cannot safely return to his/her country, the person is under temporary protection.

This means that such a person shall be entitled to legally reside and work in Poland for one year (unless the situation in Ukraine changes and the EU Council waives or extends the protection).

Therefore, it is necessary to go to the Head of the Office for Foreigners (in Warsaw it is 33 Taborowa Street) and there apply for a certificate confirming entitlement to temporary protection.

This is also where it is possible to obtain information on the benefits to which you are entitled.

We recommend taking with you:

  • passport and its copy
  • a document confirming possession of permanent residence permit in Ukraine

IMPORTANT If you have permanent residency in Ukraine but can safely return to your country, the only option for staying in Poland, provided you meet the conditions, is to apply for temporary residency: https://migrant.wsc.mazowieckie.pl/pl/procedury/zezwolenie-na-pobyt-czasowy