I was refused a ZUS benefit because according to the system, the child does not have access to a PESEL UKR number, even though he was previously named and did not leave Poland.

Update: 04.04.2023

Similar problems, next on the groundless deprivation of PESEL UKR, making many cases of Ukraine. Complaints on this matter to the assistance of the Ombudsman on March 8, 2023. His address to the Polish authorities on this matter can be read here:


As it arose from the Ombudsman, the cause of the problem could not be identified. The Ombudsman may also draw attention to the problem of the loss of origin of UKR even in the case of a Ukrainian citizen not leaving the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The Ombudsman’s speech has not yet received a response and reaction from Ukraine on probably military matters. So there are no technical moments that may cause problems with PESEL UKR.

In response to reports that the UKR verification was saved from UKR, the offices handling the registration of PESEL UKR prepared instructions:

  • Each time you cross the Polish-Ukrainian border, ask the Border Guard for confirmation in your travel documents (passports) that you have crossed the border.
  • When you return to Poland, check if the government records show the status.
  • In case of doubt, make personal contact with the commune office, having the documents examining the crossing of the border with you.

In turn, the Polish Border Guard is involved in this case with a message:

Citizens of Ukraine returning to Poland should inform the Border Guard officers during passport control about entering Poland in connection with the use of temporary protection and each time they proceed with an electronic document diia.pl!

When the loss of PESEL UKR identity is interrupted due to leaving the territory of Poland for a period longer than 30 days, a foreigner returning to Poland should include the Border Guard officer carrying out passport control, about the intention to enter in order to gain access in Poland with temporary protection rights and each time check the diia.pl electronic document (even if the traveller goes to work in Poland or for another purpose, but at the same time he will use protection in Poland).

Important! Entering the territory of Poland without information about the above-mentioned or without presenting the diia.pl electronic document, it may be allowed that the foreigner’s data are not included in the registers, in the list, which is granted the PESEL UKR status, and which results in an additional social benefit.

(source: https://www.strazgraniczna.pl/pl/aktualnosci/11258,Komunikat-dla-osob-posiadajacych-status-PESEL-UKR.html )

If in the described situation the assessment of the situation has been taken into account and it has been proven that the child has the UKR effect, ZUS refuses to pay the benefit, we will take into account the remark that the ZUS decision may be appealed to the ZUS President within 14 days from the delivery of the decision. The decision of the President of ZUS may also be appealed against to the voivodeship court within 30 days of delivery of the decision.