Information on documents necessary for Ukrainian students to cross the border

We provide basic information in this regard, however, we would like to point out that the practice on the part of Ukraine may change and differ from the current legal status.

The available information shows that full-time students are not subject to mobilization and may leave Ukraine (the Act).  

List of documents (list of documents)  when crossing the border (to be verified in Ukraine):

– student card or student visa;

– documents on admission to studies at a foreign university translated and notarized in Ukraine;

– military registration documents with an entry on granting a deferment from mobilization,

– a certificate issued by the field conscription center for going abroad for people studying abroad as part of full-time or dual forms of education.The remaining categories of persons exempt from the mobilization obligation are listed in Article 23 of the Ukrainian law on these matter: ( art. 23 of the Act).