Information on people with disabilities (rights of people with disabilities, documents that may be issued by Polish authorities, powers).

A citizen of Ukraine with disabilities, who meets altogether three conditions:

  • entered Poland legally
  • in the period from February 24, 2022 in connection with hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and
  • declares its intention to stay in Poland

is entitled to medical care provided on the territory of Poland to the same extent as Polish citizens, with the exception of:

  • medical spa treatment and medical spa rehabilitation,
  • administration of medicinal products issued to beneficiaries under the health policy programs of the minister responsible for health.

It may also benefit from actions or programs financed by:

• funds from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (pol. Państwowy Fundusz Rehabilitacji Osób Niepełnosprawnych – PFRON)

PFRON launched the program “Aid to Ukrainian citizens with disabilities” (about the program (PL): It will be available to the above-specified Ukrainian citizens who have:

– in the case of adults: a document confirming the 1st or 2nd degree of disability, issued under the Ukrainian system of certifying disability,

– in the case of minors: a document confirming the 1st or 2nd degree of disability, issued under the Ukrainian system of certifying disability,

– and in the absence of these documents: the guardian’s declaration or declaration about having documents listed above.

It is planned to launch a reception center in the Lubelskie or Podkarpackie voivodeships intended for citizens of Ukraine with disabilities: (PL)

More information on the available support can be obtained by calling: 503 703 974, from 8.00 to 21.00, 7 days a week (PL:

In addition, the voivode and other state authorities can provide assistance to Ukrainian citizens:

  • who came to Poland from the territory of Ukraine in connection with hostilities or
  • holders of the Pole’s Card who came to the territory of Poland with their immediate family because of these hostilities.

This assistance consists in financing specialized transport for people with disabilities, in particular to places or between places: accommodation, full board, medical care and centers for foreigners.

A person with disabilities with a parking card issued abroad (including in Ukraine) driving a motor vehicle marked with this card may not comply with some road signs regarding the prohibition of traffic or parking.

Worth knowing:

  1. The Polish Association of the Deaf has launched a video hotline for deaf refugees from Ukraine, more information (PL, UA):
  2. The Polish Forum of Persons with Disabilities made it possible to add information which organizations and persons provide assistance to Ukrainian citizens with disabilities: (PL)
  3. The official list of organizations supporting people with disabilities is available here:,98,organizacje (PL)
  4. Contact to the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled People: (PL),61,kontakt


Legal basis (25 marca 2022): 

  1. Law of March 12, 2022 on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with an armed conflict in the territory of that country, article 12, 34-37.
  2. The Act of June 20, 1997 – Road Traffic Law, article 8 paragraph 6