What groups of men are not subject to universal mobilization and can cross the border?

We provide basic information in this topic, however, we would like to point out that the practice on the part of Ukraine may change and differ from the current legal status. Even if a man aged 18-60 has a certificate of incapacity for service, he may be withdrawn from the border to a drafting point in order to re-verify the decision.

The following are not subject to universal mobilization:

  – persons performing service during mobilization or war in organs of state authority other than the military;

– persons recognized by a military medical commission as temporarily unfit for service – up to 6 months from the decision;

-men and women with at least three dependent children under the age of 18;

-one parents with a child / children;

– parents or guardians of a disabled child – group A, if the child is under 18 years of age;

– guardians or foster parents of children up to 18 years old;

– permanent guardians of people who, in accordance with the Act, require care, in the absence of other people who can provide this care;

– Members of the Parliament;

-employees of military management bodies;

-students and PhD students of higher education, assistants

– trainees, aspirants and doctoral students;

-scientific and research-didactic employees of higher education and scientific organizations, holding an academic degree;

-men or women whose loved ones died or went missing during counter-terrorist operations.

– parents or guardians of a disabled child (depending on the age and degree of disability)