My 16-year-old daughter’s passport has expired. Can an expired passport be used as a grounds to deny her high school admission documents?

Citizens of Ukraine aged 7-18 and bound to fulfill their schooling obligation are admitted to public schools and receive care and education under the conditions applicable to Polish citizens.

School enrollment is possible during the entire school year, and the grade in which the student continues their education is determined by the sum total of the grades completed at school in their country of origin.

Lack of passport should not be a problem when enrolling a child in school. Due to the fact that the child is subject to mandatory schooling and education, the educational institution must admit the child (this principle extends to the institutions competent for their place of residence, not the institutions chosen by the child or parents).

As a rule, the documents necessary for enrolling a child in school include

– application form for enrolling a child in a school (available at the secretary’s office of a given school or on its website),

– documents confirming the course of education to date (number of grades completed),

– documents for review: abridged copy of birth certificate, guardian’s ID card, e.g. passport,

– statement concerning child’s residence – to be submitted under pain of criminal liability for making false statements.