Occasional lease agreement – things to know.

An occasional lease agreement is a special form of lease of residential premises, aimed at additional protection of the apartment owner’s interests. This manifests itself in the fact that the tenant attaches to the lease agreement a statement in the form of a notarized deed of voluntary submission to execution and an obligation to vacate and surrender the premises. Moreover, the lease shall be accompanied by an indication of another dwelling where the tenant may reside in the event of foreclosure, as well as a statement by the owner of that other dwelling that he or she is willing to accept the tenant.

Although, it should be noted that compliance with the requirements in the form of indicating another apartment and the submission of a statement of its owner about accepting a tenant has been excluded in relation to citizens of Ukraine, to which the Act of March 12, 2022, on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine in connection with Armed Conflict in the Territory of that State applies. In other words, the citizens of Ukraine covered by this Act when concluding an occasional lease agreement are only required to make a statement in the form of a notarial deed in which they submit to execution and undertake to vacate and surrender the premises used under the lease agreement.

Additional protection of the interests of the owner of the apartment in an occasional lease manifests itself in the fact that the owner of the apartment, in the case of the tenant’s failure to comply with the provisions of the agreement or its termination, may conduct eviction of the tenant from the apartment without the necessity to conduct court proceedings.