Recognition of disability groups from Ukraine in Poland – principles, general guidelines.

The Republic of Poland does not have an agreement with Ukraine allowing mutual recognition of documents confirming/determining the degree of disability (disability group). 

There are also no internal regulations, adopted on an ad hoc basis, which, in view of the current situation in Ukraine, would allow for mutual recognition of the aforementioned documents. The Polish legislator, in the Act of 12 March 2022 on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine in connection with the Armed Conflict on the Territory of that State, introduced a special solution allowing for the creation of programmes for persons with disabilities. Further details here:

However, these solutions do not provide for mutual recognition of documents confirming disability or its degree in law, but they may be accepted within the framework of PFRON programmes.

At the moment, the Disability Assessment Boards, having no specific legal solutions, issue certificates of disability and the degree of disability for Ukrainian citizens based on the same regulations as for Polish citizens.

In this context, disability, or the degree of disability, shall always be pronounced upon application, which shall be filed with the Disability Assessment Board of the district where you reside.

The application shall be accompanied by:

1) medical documentation, including a medical certificate of health, issued not more than 30 days prior to the date of application,

2) medical records – for example, hospital information sheets, records of outpatient treatment, results of additional diagnostic tests, specialist consultations,

3) documents that may have an impact on the degree of disability, if available, e.g. specialist consultations, and psychological-educational opinions.

The application should be preceded by obtaining a PESEL number – it should be emphasised that this number is crucial in all matters relating to treatment, health, etc. Healthcare documents written in a language other than Polish should be translated by a sworn translator.

Where no medical records are available, it will be necessary to go through a process of examination to establish the cause and existence of the disability and its degree – this applies in particular to illnesses and problems that are not visible in plain sight.