Requirement for drivers providing passenger transport for remuneration to possess aPolish driving licence

Regarding the enactment of the Act of May 26, 2023 amending the “Road Traffic Law and
certain acts”, as of June 17, 2024 (the date the legislation came into force), all drivers
providing passenger transport for remuneration will be required to possess a Polish driving

Persons providing passenger transport for a consideration include: taxi drivers, Uber drivers,
Bolt drivers.

The term ‘persons providing passenger transport’ is quite broad as it includes both
employees as well as self-employed (i.e. who are both employer and employee for

Furthermore, even if the driver is an employee, his or her employer is obliged to verify that
the driver holds a Polish driving licence.

This amendment is a consequence of a change in the wording of Article 39a(1)(2) of the
Road Transport Act, which stipulates that persons engaged in the carriage of passengers for
remuneration must be authorised to drive a motor vehicle as evidenced by a driving licence
issued in the country (Poland) (Article 5c(1) in connection with Article 39a of the Road
Transport Act).

Further information on the replacement of a Ukrainian driving licence with a Polish one can
be found at this link.