The woman gave birth to a child in Ukraine, she only has a document from the hospital, she did not have time to obtain a birth certificate in Ukraine. They are already in Poland. Where can she get such a document here?

In such cases, Polish Registry Offices register the child’s birth. The child’s mother should report the child’s birth to any Registry Office, even if it happened in Ukraine. When applying for a child’s birth certificate, one should present the child’s birth certificate issued by the hospital, the mother’s birth certificate and the marriage certificate of the child’s parents – these documents should be sworn translated into Polish. In addition, the offices prepare a template of a special statement on the circumstances invoked by the mother, including, inter alia, as to the father of the child, which in such a case will be submitted by the child’s mother under rigor of criminal liability. Currently, however, there is no single template valid in the entire territory of Poland, so in this case, please contact the selected Registry Office. In case of that the mother does not even have the child’s birth certificate from the hospital, the person concerned or the head of the registry office may apply to the competent district court for establishing the content of the birth certificate and, as a result, granting the court consent for the child’s birth certificate to be issued by the head of the RO.