Trusted Profile – What is it?

The Trusted Profile is a digital tool that allows you to complete official matters online, without leaving your home.

The online Trusted Profile, therefore, works just like an identity document and has this power. It allows an electronic document to be signed with a signature that is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature (only in relation to public entities).

The Trusted Profile can be obtained by persons who hold a PESEL. It is necessary to apply for a PESEL first and during the application process to also select the option to obtain a trusted profile.

When creating a Trusted Profile, an SMS message with a one-time code will be sent to the mobile phone number provided in the application form, which must be communicated to the official. The code will also be sent to the e-mail address provided in the application form.

The applicant will also receive a printout of confirmation of the creation of a Trusted Profile. When completing these formalities, it is also necessary to sign undertakings not to share one’s Trusted Profile with another person (on a second copy of the printout).

Here is a link to the official government website on the subject:–usluga-dla-obywateli-ukrainy

If a person already has a PESEL, has not selected the Trusted Profile option on the application, but now wishes to create a Trusted Profile, this is also possible.

The first step to create a Trusted Profile is to register on the website (please enter your login, password, and your details). Then, within 14 days, one must go in person with proof of identity to one of the Trusted Profile Confirmation Points. Confirmation points include tax offices, branches of the National Health Service, and the Social Insurance Office. Use this link to find your point of contact