What are the possibilities for people under temporary protection to go to west?

Ukrainian citizens are covered by the so-called visa-free travel. Therefore, Member States have decided that beneficiaries of temporary protection who have already received documents confirming their use in a given State may move within the territory of the European Union for 90 of 180 consecutive days. Before obtaining documents confirming the use of temporary protection, Ukrainian citizens can move around the European Union on the same terms, if they have a biometric passport. Ukrainian citizens are not obliged to use temporary protection in the territory of the first Member State into which they entered. They can choose where they want to take advantage of this protection. However, it should be remembered that benefits and privileges related to temporary protection (legal work, healthcare benefits, etc.) may be used in only one state. If you do not have a biometric passport, and you would like to go to another country of the European Union and take advantage of temporary protection there, we recommend contacting the embassy of a given country or checking the information available on the embassy’s website. IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Currently, individual countries allow the entry of Ukrainian citizens and persons with temporary protection in connection with the invasion of Ukraine, regardless of the documents they have. Such a country is, for example, Germany [here you will find more information on entering this country https://polen.diplo.de/pl-pl/04-news/-/2515786].