What are the regulations for entry into Germany?

Update: 14.06.2023

The German Embassy announces new rules for entry into Germany for persons fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

Citizens of Ukraine are allowed to enter Germany regardless of their documents. It is important that these persons have their place of residence or usual residence in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 (even if they temporarily stayed outside the territory of Ukraine). The above also applies to persons under international protection on the territory of Ukraine.

Persons covered by temporary protection will also be able to take advantage of it in Germany.

Third-country nationals who were in Ukraine on 24 February may also enter Germany without a visa.

These rules are valid until 29.08. 2023. It should be emphasised that the 90-day exemption from the requirement to be in possession of a valid residence permit applies only to the first entry as a war refugee from Ukraine.Further details are available directly on the embassy website: https://polen.diplo.de/pl-pl/-/2515786