What can a family do if its members have separated and fled to different countries, e.g. a wife with one child to Poland and a husband with the other child to another country? How can they now reunite so that all of them could stay in Poland legally?

​​Pursuant to the Council Implementing Decision (EU) of 4 March 2022, temporary protection is granted to the following categories of displaced persons:

– Ukrainian nationals who had to leave Ukraine on or after 24 February 2022, and

– displaced persons without Ukrainian citizenship who benefited from international protection or equivalent national protection in Ukraine before 24 February 2022.

Temporary protection shall also be granted to family members of the displaced persons indicated above. The category of family members has been widely defined and includes spouses, as well as unmarried partners in a stable relationship, minor children, and other close relatives who lived together, and were wholly or mainly dependent on the aforementioned persons.

According to the described regulations, in the case of a family separation, when some family members fled to Poland on or after 24 February 2022, and other family members fled to a third country which is not a member of the European Union, persons who fled to a third country shall be granted temporary protection after reuniting with their family members residing in Poland.