What should I do if I do not have a job or a business and I want to stay in Poland longer than until 24.08.23 (e.g. I am studying, I am here with my family)?

Update: 08.02.2023

In the current state of legislation (as of 07.02.2023), the Polish legislator has not yet provided for solutions allowing those Ukrainian citizens who are currently enjoying temporary protection in Poland, and who are unable to demonstrate that the purpose of their stay in Poland is to perform work or economic activity, to remain in Poland after August 24, 2023.

 Currently, all applications for temporary residence by Ukrainian citizens under temporary protection, even if only after April 1, 2023, whose purpose of stay is not to work, to work in a skilled occupation or to carry out an economic activity, will be met with a refusal to initiate proceedings.

We expect that the Government of the Republic of Poland will soon present further legal solutions to be applied in the event of the continued impossibility for Ukrainian citizens to return to the territory of Ukraine. It is possible that the coverage of Ukrainian citizens under temporary protection will be extended. This may also be influenced by European Union regulations.

 At present, however, remaining in Poland after August 24, 2023, is only possible in the case of applying for temporary residence, which in turn is only possible for the above-mentioned cases (work, business) and for persons who do not benefit from temporary protection – i.e., for example, they left Poland for a period of more than one month, lost temporary protection and re-enter Poland on the basis of visa-free traffic or a visa, but without declaring that they fled the territory of Ukraine before the war.