What should I do if I want to resign from protection in Poland?

A citizen of Ukraine who wishes to resign from temporary protection in Poland may do so by submitting an appropriate declaration to the municipality authority (the authority where he/she obtained his/her PESEL number). The declaration may also be sent by post, by registered mail.

In order to inform the commune office about such a trip, an appropriate statement must be submitted on an official form (template form). 

In the case of staying outside Poland, this can be done through a proxy.

Submission of this declaration will result in the deprivation of the rights granted in Poland.

The declaration must be signed.

It should be remembered that a foreigner will automatically lose temporary protection if he or she crosses the external Schengen border for more than 30 days (even if he or she has not made such a declaration).

If, on the other hand, he/she is traveling within Schengen, such a declaration is necessary to ensure that the relevant information is registered by the Polish authorities.