What to do when a landlord begins to collect assistance (PLN 40 per day) and expels refugees from the flat. Where to report it, what to do?

A monetary allowance for the provision of accommodation and meals to Ukrainian nationals in the amount of PLN 40 per person per day is granted for the period of actual provision of accommodation and meals to the Ukrainian citizens who are beneficiaries of the Special-purpose Act, and is paid in arrears.

When the landlord banishes Ukrainian residents from the flat, the landlord may receive a cash benefit only for those days when the Ukrainian citizens actually lived with him and received food. After the expulsion of the Ukrainian citizens, the benefit is no longer due to the landlord. Furthermore, in the application for this benefit, the owner must indicate the period for which accommodation and meals were provided. If he or she indicates it incorrectly, the benefit is not granted.

However, in order to avoid the landlord collecting an undue benefit, it is best to inform in writing the municipal authorities responsible for the payment of the above-mentioned benefit about the loss of accommodation and board by Ukrainian citizens.

Citizens of Ukraine who have lost their accommodation and food from a private person and require assistance in meeting these needs may approach reception centres (a list of reception centres is available here: https://www.gov.pl/web/mswia/informacja-dla-uchodzcow-z-ukrainy) or use the help of non-governmental organisations (organisations helping to find accommodation are listed, for example, here: https://publicystyka.ngo.pl/jak-organizacje-spoleczne-pomagaja-osobom-z-ukrainy-przykladowe-ackje).