What to do when the office refused to restore the UKR status and informed that it can be restored only once?

The legitimacy of the thesis regarding a possible one-time possibility the restoration of UKR’s PESEL status is questionable. It follows from the applicable regulations that this status “may remain restored” but there is no indication that this restoration may have only one-time nature. authority providing such information should therefore indicate the legal basis for his assertion or document confirming such an interpretation. In our opinion, it is difficult to find an explanation for such position of the authority. Interpreting the provisions in accordance with the goal pursued by the legislator, one should come to the conclusion that the possibility of restoring the PESEL status of UKR should be reusable.

We know from practice that, unfortunately, it should have a character automatic very often the restoration of the PESEL UKR status requires the interested party to be active in submitting documents confirming that the stay outside Poland was not longer than 30 days. In this situation, we suggest applying to the Border Guard authority for a certificate indicating the date of departure from Polish territory and the date of re-entry into Poland.

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