Which border crossing is best if you do not have valid documents or if you belong to a group at risk of exclusion (e.g. transgender people)?

If you do not have a Ukrainian passport or you belong to a group at risk of exclusion, select the checkpoints that are connected. As a rule, Poland allows people fleeing the war to enter Poland without any documents (source: https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina2 ), but Ukrainian checkpoints do not have to recognize this. Therefore, you can be stopped by the Ukrainian authorities and not even get to the Polish checkpoint.

We know that the most dramatic situation is now in Szehyni / Medyka border crossing.

Regardless of what documents you have, it is safer now to go to the border crossings:

1. Budomierz-Hruszew (Budomezh-Hrusiv)

2. Dołhobyczów-Uhrynów (Dołhobyczów-Uhryniv)